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Peter Fields (UK) -"The bands feel great to touch, and the colours are really nice" 19m ago

Techradar (UK) ''made of stainless steel, custom fitted, especially comfortable, and snazzy looking'' 30th December 2015

eMxPi's Blog (France) 4th January 2016

[TEST] : Bracelet Mesh SandBlasted de Wristouch pour Apple Watch Click to View

Macworld UK - ''durable and great looking bracelet'' yesterday

Macworld (USA) - "Wristouch collection of bands features a wide variety of options" 21st October 2015


Bracelets Wristouch pour Apple Watch! (France) 73 Steven 22nd November 2015

ListHunts (USA)- "Upgrade your Apple Watch Band with Wristouch Mesh. Sleek and masculine" 19th October 2015

Upgrade your Apple Watch Band with Wristouch Mesh. Sleek and masculine, our bands contrast the smooth sinuous shape of the Apple watch with unique finishing techniques that make the metal mesh pop. Click to View

Geeksters - "Good deal on this premium quality" yesterday

Anthony Pettenon - "Great sport bands!!" 15th September 2015

9to5mac (USA) - ''A legitimately impressive band, really handsome in person & clasp feel strong'' 30th November -0001